Who is EO?

  • Extraordinary Options for Ordinary People is a 501c3 nonprofit organization established specifically for our community to support organizations with connection to and education about mental health resources and support.

What are the most common barriers organizations face as they attempt to support mental health?

  • Consumers/organizations can’t seamlessly connect to mental health providers and resources
  • Timely access to qualified providers
  • Insurance obstacles get in the way of getting the right help
  • Lack of education-most people don’t understand how to navigate the siloed systems of behavioral health care

What are Connection events?

  • Community events specifically designed to support organizations by connecting them to diversified mental health resources and education to meet the needs of organizations and the individuals they serve

What kinds of organizations benefit from a Connection event?

  • Connection events benefit any organization interested in connecting to mental health resources and obtaining the education necessary to break down mental health improvement barriers that impede those they serve. (employees and patrons)

How do Connection events support mental health Connection for Organizations?

  • By connecting organizations and resource providers together to identify/discuss/clarify and navigate common barriers organizations face when trying to support mental health
  • By connecting organizations to SOLUTIONS that can break down common barriers to resolving mental health decline

How do Connection events support mental health Education for Organization?

  • By providing education specific to organizations in the following areas:
    • early intervention in the workplace/QPR training
    • how to connect to relevant mental health resources quickly amidst unreasonable wait times
    • how to navigate insurance barriers for employees and clients
    • understanding types and levels of mental health care and what is available for whom
    • how to practice professional self-care/ maintaining professional resilience AND accountability

What other ways does EO support EDUCATION?

  • By supporting the improvement of educational resources for prospective mental health professionals
    • Support the Behavioral Health Residency Program
      • scholarships for undergrads to experience diversified ways to enter the workforce in the field of mental health
      • scholarships for grad students to participate in the BH Residency program; a program designed to provide specific training to grad students based on where they choose to enter the Behavioral Health workforce
  • By supporting your school with skills-based mental health education (curriculum, tools, training) for elementary and secondary schools

How can my organization benefit from a Connection event?

  • Attend to connect to resources and education that will support your organization
  • Participate by providing education
  • Sponsor a Connection event and receive exclusive benefits specific to your organization -see flyer

How Does EO partner with organizations?

  • By working together collaboratively to support CONNECTION and EDUCATION in ways that improve mental health in our community,

How can my organization become actively involved in suicide prevention?

  • SPONSOR a Connection event
  • PARTICIPATE as an educator and share your best practice(s) at the UVU Suicide Prevention conference
  • ATTEND or send someone from your organization to attend the upcoming Connection event
    • Connect to resources for your organization
    • gather education for your organization
  • CELEBRATE with us after the UVU Suicide Prevention conference. Attend the Night of Excellence and Tribute Concert!
  • VOLUNTEER at a Connection event or on the EO Advisory Board

What/when is the next Connection event in our community?

  • The UVU Suicide Prevention conference Oct 7, 2022

What does my sponsorship support/where does my money go?

  • Connection event costs
    • that support the expansion of mental health education and resources for organizations in our community
    • Scholarships for prospective and current Behavioral Science students (undergrad and graduate)
      • Raising the bar for education and experience for individuals entering the field of mental health