The Behavioral Health Residency Program (BHRP) is designed to prepare behavioral health (BH) students to enter the workforce by providing experiences that allow them to refine their skills and effectively contribute BH services to the community during their education. The BHRP will provide a consistent stream of well-educated, trained, and qualified BH graduates with the experience needed to successfully integrate into the local workforce upon graduation.

Additionally, the BHRP provides a financial incentive to students and providers wishing to invest in a more refined educational opportunity, training, qualifications, and skillset that will allow them to enter the workforce confidently and competently. The BHRP scholarship pays the student to learn and learn to apply skills in a teaching environment, supports a scalable, sustainable, replenishable workforce to combat persistent staffing shortages, and encourages investment in local talent and local education.


Opportunities to support the Behavioral Health Residency Program (BHRP) through scholarship funding will facilitate the implementation of a 1 semester residency program at an undergraduate level. Participating students will learn basic industry application according to their field of study, understand the connection between their education and application for it within the behavioral health community of providers and social work markets. The BHRP students will also learn the basic skills and applications that are cross transferrable and relevant across multiple populations, levels, and types of care.

Graduate students will have the opportunity to participate in a 5-week rotation in each level or type of care, including inpatient/acute care, residential treatment (RTC), partial hospitalization/ day treatment (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP) and school-based intervention. Additionally, graduate students will have the opportunity to participate in a placement program according to affinity/interest for the levels/types of care they choose for their residency rotation.  Scholarships benefit students, providers, and the community.